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Miriam Wolosh

Welcome! You have taken the first step towards developing the tools to manage life's challenges. Sometimes life presents significant difficulties and it can be hard to kn ow how to cope. When feeling overwhelmed or without hope, or alone in facing a problem, solutions can easily elude you.

As a compassionate licensed psychologist committed to delivering the highest standards of care, I use evidenced-based treatment methods and techniques whenever possible to help you or your family member get back on track with life. In the context of a supportive therapeutic relationship, we work together to find ways to use these techniques to move forward.
As a therapist who has been in private practice for over 20 years, I work both as a "generalist" and as a "specialist". Over the years I have helped many individuals, couples and families deal with pressing problems such as anxiety, depression, relationship dilemmas and life transition issues .

I am also a child and adolescent eating disorder specialist. As a certified Family Based Treatment (FBT) therapist and I have had the privilege of helping many families help their child or adolescent recover from anorexia, bulimia and other types of eating disorders.
Please call 973-540-9943 for a consultation. I am looking forward to working together with you.